2021 Succ-ed - 2022 New Year's Succulent Gift Box

2021 Succ-ed - 2022 New Year's Succulent Gift Box

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This New Year's Succulent Gift Box includes a live succulent and a card with your personalized message included in the box. 

Our gift boxes are packed with care and include the following:
- Two beautiful, live 3 inch large succulent. 
- A personalized message from you included in the box.
- Crinkle paper to ensure safe arrival

All of our cards have been made by us.  Please make sure to include your name, so the recipient knows who to thank!

- We can ship directly to your loved one. Our gifts are shipped in a cardboard box. 
- Please put their address in the shipping information.
- If you put in the wrong address there will be a charge to update your mailing.
- Also we can ship to you so you can deliver your gift yourself! We promise everyone at the event will be impressed with your sweet gift.

Email Jill at Jill@ClassyCactusFarm.com to discussed

There are literally hundreds of varieties of succulents. The succulents are chosen at random for our boxes, based on who is happiest that week. All succulents are healthy and happy to move to their new home. Your new plant baby might be taller, shorter, fatter, skinnier, greener, redder, or generally different from the ones depicted in our images. Please know they are all healthy and need love.
While succulents are some of the most hardy plants for your home, they still require some attention. We recommend watering upon arrival and place in filtered bright light. A windowsill is perfect. During transport your succulent may go on a bumpy ride and some soil may be displaced. But your succulent should be fine regardless. Please reach out if your plant did not enjoy it’s trip. While we do not do returns or exchanges we want you to be happy with your gift!